Studies indicate that massage performed regularly during pregnancy can decrease symptoms of anxiety/depression, calm muscle aches, joint and nerve pain, relieve swelling, improve circulation and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Schedule a Signature Massage and let me know in the notes that it is prenatal.

Physician-designed classes focused on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, attitude and self care during pregnancy. Many subject covered and your questions answered as we focus on you and your experiences including prenatal nutrition and prenatal workouts  We also carry Metagenics products if your doctor prefers their prenatal vitamins.  Watch the SC Wellness calendar for a listing of upcoming classes or let me know if you want something one-on-one or in a small group.

Talk through every aspect of labor and delivery to mentally prepare and understand all the options so your birth is your powerful accomplishment. Usually done 3-4 weeks prior to your due date. Included in Doula service. Written plan for your doctor & hospital provided. Schedule your birth plan meeting online (tab above). 

The ultimate in continuous physical and emotional support for your labor & delivery. Kim specializes in natural birth in a hospital setting and takes only one birth per month. The best way to know if you would like to use Kim as your doula is to schedule a prenatal massage – this gives us time to get to know each other, gives you the opportunity to experience her touch and know if it is something you would accept and be comforted by during labor and delivery.  Cost is $800.  Contact me using the tab above or call/text for more information.

Prenatal Massage